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the fashion event of the year – k8 and WILS

So its been a while. I’ve been quietly doing some research and observing the wheels being greased on all things heritage this season. Looks set to continue post xmas. I’ll reveal all soon !! Enough of the boring stuff, what have I seen what have I learned.
Well corduroy pants are the ball gloves to beat all other pants. Unbelievable comfort, range and durability. like a good pair of cobbled shoes, a pair of chords can last a lifetime. Get the chord wide enough, you can grow your own veg – that’s a trick lads from Roscommon use.
Heritage is all in this year – i think it really kicked in after the Royal wedding, from that charming little wedding car to that dress, yes Pippa Middleton showed us proof that the best way forward is with a good view from the back.
It has dawned on me since that some of the more successful brands have been somewhat duur for a while – so what sparked it. Like the “join the navy” Simpsons episodes, we have been subliminally guided since the wedding. Kate and WILS, all about WILS. It’s so obvious now but looking back i never realised, WILS actually means Wear It Like a Scanger !!! Our heritage look is one inspired by the lovely street crawlers we love to hate.
Consider the evidence:
Brand revivals of all things heritage. Case in point – Burberry — In the early 2000’s it seemed every Anto, Mick and Terry had their own Bur(d)berry scarf or hat. Wax jackets become as common as the girls name Britney.
Male Fashion Designer of the year only 4 years ago was Sean John ! Previously known as Puffy Coombs, Sean was driving through Kimmage after the 2004 concert (featuring 112) and say what was emerging – the cut of the cloth, the smell of the ash and the use of the vernacular – it was poetry in motion. He was then quick in changing name and tact and launching his clothing name under his Athlone Hatchet name – Sean John.
If there were ever shares in a clothing brand ready to explode, i think we need to all pool our funds and invest in johnny Brubaker – the Abbey Street Maker. Hilfiger owes their re-invigorated denim range and colours to the Brubaker launch – the Anti Fashion – another genius ploy, years in the offing.

Now see the ranges

Hot this year

Duck Boots – A simple take on the shell suit tucked into football socks look.

A return to “hard times”  – Hot in this line are fingerless gloves, year round scarves and pea coats over a trackie. much famed by Scangs in early 90s- years ahead of their time and never afraid to wear gloves in the Summer – or no jacket in Winter. Flipping the seasons and Daylight savings hours, on their noggins.
Drop Crotch Pants – a direct copy of the pocket filled 90’s shell suit – still worn by our Schemie friends these days, we can see how the change in the pockets usually weighed the pants firmly from the ass on a tad lower than it should. The net result is drop crotch.
Check is back for the future – A distant cousin to the Scanger, you have the country Scumbag – known for wearing the same clobber for days on end. The material had to be durable, absorbent and had to have a colour range to cover, vomit, beer and probably blood. This seasons combos of reds, mustards and the odd fleck of green make them the perfect foil for our country brethren.
Wax jackets and Gillett –  (not the razors for those reading phonetically) the cut away sleeveless jacket – again a country classic, frequently seen by CJ at the Ploughing championships – it became hard to recognise the Old money from the news CJ was quoted to have said.
FInally – layers – observations of the WILS crew i noticed more is more. not content with just a hoody, a sleeveless jacket and or denim/combo was always a good way to go. For those not in the know, it’s also a clever old mothers tale of “how to keep warm”. Classic and simple – layers are a way to make it look like you tried when you really didn’t.
So as Paul Galvin writes about things i wrote last week, i leave you with the fun ponderable for the LUAS red line journey into Dublin ….. have a nose around at the unsociables on the train and take your pick from the above – then WILS – wear it like a scanger !!


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