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Out with the old, Out with the Blue …

A lot of talk about change, challenge and resolution. I find this time of year to be the toughest and I’m sure I’m not alone. I can never pin point why, but this last year I’ve tried a different approach and I have reflected on my year to see what needs to continue, stop or … Continue reading

Travel Snaps

Travel Snaps, a set on Flickr. some of my shots with some enhancements

its glandular, i swear !!

We all like to think the heat we suffered this summer, yes suffered, and was the only thing to give us sweats patches under the arms. Research, time and local discos have proven that our ability to govern our own bodies is beyond our state of conscious mind. I present the evidence, your honour, in … Continue reading

Some tips of the bottom

After a bit of deliberation and a lot of wine, I’ve taken to the pen as it used to be known. My staycation summer has not been excelled at any point in my life. 32 and living the life of a teenager. This does not constitute drinking under a bridge, taking my shirt off at … Continue reading

More than a feeling………..

I read Malachy Clerkin today in the times and felt somewhat compelled to open the debate beyond what seemed like a very blinkered and patronising view of the Lions public. I subscribe to the fanbase point but look beyond this. I think he has missed the rationale behind the disbelief, anger and hurt over our … Continue reading

Cynicism no more

Its 11.30 in the AM, a lot of sore heads in here and some vacant looking faces. To save some of us, the gaffer,informed us that a 40 ft trailer arrived and needed unloading. The warehouse lads need help. A few lads are gone down and i’m on the way once I write this. It … Continue reading

Ho Ho Ho – its all in the title

So it’s that time of year again, people go crazy, its acceptable, nay, encouraged to be liquored up to the hills. Revealing your crush on the girls in the office is lauded and if Christmas Specials are anything to go about, even if she is engaged to be married, the cursory glance across the office, … Continue reading

in search of … its a statement of fact

Probably best sang or hummed in the key of G – you will probably hate me for makign you hum this for the evening. think life of brian, or O’brien as this is…………….. enjoy my 10,000th tweet Cheer up, twitter. You know what they say. Some things in life are bad, You tweet to say … Continue reading

The Brothers Grimm didn’t write this

I was about 8 years old and climbing a tree. As was the style at the time, my Mom called across the estate – dinner was ready. A little over keen I slipped from the branch I was on and landed, legs akimbo like a playmobil man trying to mount a horse Onto a barbed … Continue reading

Title Optional

Again i find myself here trying to combine a number of topics into one Eton mess, topped off with coulis and strawberries. Taking the meringue base is probably the place to start – As a Paddy (or a mick) it is a rite of passage to live in London at some stage. It’s as well … Continue reading

Daddy needs new shoes

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