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Again i find myself here trying to combine a number of topics into one Eton mess, topped off with coulis and strawberries. Taking the meringue base is probably the place to start – As a Paddy (or a mick) it is a rite of passage to live in London at some stage. It’s as well … Continue reading

Fonzy called, he wants his rainmac back.. and other cooler stories

CPC – Fifth Year – 1997 I think – Kilcullen. Actually, I’ll rewind a year. 4th year, 4th floor, 4th day, in walks a young lad from Dublin (new kid syndrome). He ironically enough was 4 feet tall, curtains for haircut (parted in the middle), had a silver/black reversible jacket and an accent as thick … Continue reading

Richard Dean Anderson and David Beckham slay a dragon and other Hairy Tales

  Rewind to Bishop Rogan Park, Kilcullen – 1991. I was 10 sporting flowing blonde locks. Note the prominent teeth, yep I could eat an apple through a tennis racket. Every other kid loved Christmas, me I loved Halloween, mainly because I could always win the competition where the apple hangs from the ceiling and … Continue reading

Remember, a mood is not just for Christmas

Scene: A 30-year-old guy with semi receding hairline walks into a barbers and like any gentleman talks off his coat, grabs his paper and has a seat to wait his turn. Reality: A 30-year-old guy with receding hairline walks into Lunatic Fringe Salon and asks for an appointment. Gets appointment card with “Ms X” (don’t … Continue reading

the fashion event of the year – k8 and WILS

So its been a while. I’ve been quietly doing some research and observing the wheels being greased on all things heritage this season. Looks set to continue post xmas. I’ll reveal all soon !! Enough of the boring stuff, what have I seen what have I learned. Well corduroy pants are the ball gloves to … Continue reading

this question is for Number 3

It seems like only 4 years ago i set off on my flight into Paris with L and K for a 2 weeks or so of bedlam, or bedlam as the French called it. Armed with our Irish jerseys and our wit only we travelled light. But on such tours, less is more (love that … Continue reading

rick, this is the voice of your conscience speaking .. name the TV show

I was on a work course last week and it was very focussed on self-reflection. How apt, given this week’s topic. I’m at that age where a lot of my friends are now becoming or are already Dads. It brings with it some strange fashion phenomena. (is that a plural?) I have this heightened sense … Continue reading

hey iceman… *sniff, sniff* you stink

Don’t call this a comeback I been here for years …… Nah scratch that. Crap opening tune to this blog. Take my Breath away, now there is an intro tune… Its Halloween 2002 I think it was. Shooters on Parnell Street was the venue (ah shooters I hear you say) Me and Messers McCoy and … Continue reading

the world is flat

John Ketley and Michael Fish combined could not predict the Irish Weather. It reminds me of the 7 Duffs from the Simpsons – most notably Surly !! 7 Duffs, not to be confused with Harper 7.  – Slight digression, but one hell of a name, Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo must be kind of relieved as … Continue reading


There is a store called High and Mighty Big and Tall. An old client of sorts – UK retailer that deals in clothing for larger gentlemen. A girl that started working wit me from the Limerick/Kerry border was taking notes in her first week on the job and I mentioned that i would be handing … Continue reading

Daddy needs new shoes

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as tall as i am handsome... i write mainly from the head.. hence the randomness. Get involved is my motto